#12 – Yoga, Life, Harold and Maude

Written by The Natural High

In this episode I speak to popular yogi Darren Main about his sometimes rocky path to enlightenment.

A few months after I moved to San Francisco a new friend recommended a yoga class to me. He said it was incredibly powerful, transformative, amazing etc. Pretty much what everyone says about every yoga class they go to!

But what made this an instantly compelling invitation was that it took place every Tuesday night in Grace Cathedral: a huge landmark in one of the more well-heeled areas of the city. It seemed like a beautiful use of the space. What’s more, these yoga sessions also comprised sound healing and the acoustic was bound to be sensational.

After enjoyable pleasantries we sauntered into the venue and found a spot to place our mats. Even twenty minutes before kick off the church was heaving with yoga and Darren Main enthusiasts and people had to lay their mats in the aisles, between the seats and anywhere else they could find a modicum of space to stretch.

We talk at length about my experience that night and on the subsequent occasions that I attended. Suffice to say that Darren imbues these extraordinary gatherings with a special warmth, empathy and wit that makes him a true master of his craft. This is what he was born to do and I cannot recommend Tuesday evenings at Grace strongly enough.

You can find out more about the wonderful Darren Main here.


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