#41 – Why Are We Here?

Written by The Natural High

This week I’m delighted to have had an opportunity to talk at length with a Natural High favourite, Ben Ousey.

Ben is an experienced osteopath and meditation teacher and practitioner with some of the best vibes I’ve ever experienced on this wonderful and curious life odyssey. 

It’s one thing to have opinions about existence and consciousness but quite another to convey these notions in a way that others can understand. One of the many reasons that I find Ben so interesting is that he is able to communicate complex ideas on the biggest questions in a way that even I can begin to comprehend them.  In short, he lights up my brain like a slot machine that’s jammed on the jackpot. He’s a scholar and a gentleman who’s been a part of my life since my intrepid, foolish and largely nocturnal teenage years. We lost contact for many moons but to see the man that he has become, someone who genuinely contributes to the world and lives in service of others, brings a warm tear to the eye. 

In this show we flirt with ideas of consciousness, the meaning life, how we become more aware, more kind and happier, the ramifications of the digital age and so much more. 

I heard a brilliant quote recently which stated more succinctly than I’m about to that the mind is a waterfall with all the feelings and thoughts cascading down. Meditation is stepping into the cavern behind the waterfall so you can see the thoughts and feelings without drowning in them. If you want to find out more about Ben’s teachings you can reach out to him here.

Click a link below to hear this fascinating interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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