#9 – Making a Film, Marriage and Yoga

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I speak with director Wayne Price about his documentary film Heartworn Highways Revisited.

I met Wayne in Amsterdam in 2017 and a lasting bond formed, initially due to our shared love of music.

As luck would have it our paths would cross again when I moved to San Francisco. A California resident, Wayne is extremely active in the music scene and has clearly had a lifelong passion for the global language.

As someone who moved to America on my own, people like Wayne made the transition more comfortable with his kindness. For that I’m salute you Wayne!

In winter 2017 he invited me to The Battery – a cool members club which he and his wife, Michelle, frequented. Michelle Price, a talented pianist, would do regular live sessions in one of the many grand yet cozy rooms in the venue. I was lucky enough to see her play a few times and to network with some of the more creative souls of San Francisco.

And I was intrigued by the space itself, which made it all the more apt that we should record this podcast in various spaces at The Battery. We sauntered from the sauna to the patio as we put the world to rights.

We discuss art, creativity, his documentary and other questions pertaining to existence. I’m optimistic that you’ll enjoy the show!

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