#14 – Veganism

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club, I talk to Adam Law about the health, moral and environmental benefits of veganism, as well as Osho, Yuval Noah Harari, India and the end of the world. There are loads of useful references to educate you on the plant-based lifestyle and we discuss the pros and cons of this ever more popular lifestyle choice.

Adam is a classic example of someone who has made a complete volte-face with animal products. He used to enjoy a roast like the next man but, as his knowledge of the grew he found it increasingly difficult to reconcile his love of animals with his consumption of them.

As someone with long-term digestive issues it must have been something of a gamble for Adam to go from omnivore to vegan. It wasn’t an overnight process. But Adam has found that, since becoming vegan, he’s completely dispensed with the medicine which he’d been on for years to address his ulcerative colitis.

He talks about this and other health gains that he’s made since making the leap and also how he’s finally discovered the joy of cooking.

This podcast isn’t meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice if you suffer from similar digestive and health problems as Adam. We can only talk from experience and Adam’s health has improved in myriad ways since he ditched animal products and embraced the vegan lifestyle.

It’s a wonderful ramble through the status quo so please sit back and enjoy my in-depth discussion with my dear friend about veganism. If you take half as much from it as me then it will feel like time well spent.

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