#22 – The Art of Travel

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I speak with nomad and bon viveur Tiffany Ford to riff about the status quo, travel, capitalism and much more.

Having travelled from country to country over the last five years one thing has really struck me. The more countries I visit and the more customs I experience, the more the lines of right and wrong become blurred.

Ideas that I may have held as true before my odyssey began have regularly been questioned by seeing people do things differently in other places.

To travel is to get a broader perspective on the world and I certainly feel that I have that now. I also feel that Tiffany possess this in abundance. Having lived in America, India and Europe, she is well-placed to speak about differing attitudes and has plotted a particularly contented course as a consequence.

She’s had a fascinating life so far experiencing polemic lifestyles from the sprawling metropolis of urban India to her current dwelling deep in the Welsh countryside.

When I think about travel I’m always reminded of the idea that you can’t love stuff that you’ve never sampled. This can make life even more confusing as ideas and principles that gave you a moral compass can dissolve. But when you stop trying to decide what is right and wrong and instead simply observe the wonderful variety that this world offers, you see things with clarity and contentment again. All that I know is that I don’t know and I’m happy with that!
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