#1 – Meeting The Dalai Lama

Written by The Natural High

In this, the very first episode of The Natural High Club, I speak to Marzouk Magouz – a professional sound man and TV production veteran with some incredible stories to tell. He left me rooted to my seat from the very first moment to the last as he explained his fascinating and colourful path through life.

In this podcast we talk about meeting The Dalai Lama, playing football with Ruud Gullit, being taken hostage in The Middle East, immigration, weeping camels, Donald Trump, growing up in Morocco, the 1500 Euro glass of wine, crashing the bus at film school, The Rockefeller Foundation and so much more.

I met Marzouk when I was living in Amsterdam and was immediately struck by his sense of calmness. As someone with a lot of frenetic energy I’m always drawn to tranquil people and Marzouk was no different.

As an African immigrant to Europe he’s well-placed to talk about how he was welcomed to The Netherlands, issues that he might have had assimilating and whether the situation is better tor worse these days. What definitely comes across is the fact that we are both enchanted by Amsterdam and would recommend it to anyone wanting to find a cool city to travel to or live in. With it’s myriad bars, restaurants, music events and galleries it can rub shoulders with the best cities in Europe for entertainment. And there are so many other gems to uncover in a truly beautiful country.

As ever please share your thoughts about the podcast with us in the comments page below. And enjoy the show.


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