#50 – Like a Rolling Stone

Written by The Natural High

This time I speak to musician and good friend Michele Austin.

One of my very favourite things about living all those years in London was the five kilometre leafy loop which I used to walk every day with my sprightly Yorkshire Terrorist Rifraf. I would join the trail in Crouch End, wind up through Ally Pally, past The Grove Cafe and then along a disused railway track called The Parkland Walk which, in turn, spilled out onto the sensational Highgate Woods. It was in these woods that I first crossed paths with Michele. He would frequent this glorious green clearing amidst the trees to do his breathing exercises. Each day we’d edge towards each other until we were eventually within talking distance and it seemed rude not to.

We became fast friends and regularly hung out before I departed the UK in 2015. We’ve stayed in touch and he’s going strong with his successful Rolling Stones tribute band The Rollin Stoned as well as continuing his own songwriting odyssey on a daily basis.

He’s got a unique take on life and I’ve grown very fond of his honesty over the years. I cannot wait for you to meet him.

Michele in character as ‘Byron Jones’ in The Rollin Stoned

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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