#57 – Róisín Erskine on Sound Baths, Mastering Martial Arts and Embracing ‘The Other’

Written by The Natural High

This time I speak with Yogi, Artist and Therapeutic Practitioner Róisín Erskine

She’s an awesome soul – so full of life and good energy – and she’s into absolutely everything. She’s currently making an EP with government funding, she’s writing a book about her ten year journey into meditation. She’s a trained Yogi and sings her heart out while playing Ukulele at any and every opportunity.

When we spoke she’d just come back from a camping trip where she’d enjoyed music and gin into the wee hours. This is a human who is grabbing life with both hands and all her toes.

We talk about yoga, meditation, the future of humankind, Russian martial arts, the power of sound and so much more. It was a pure joy for me to speak to this awesome human.

You can find out more about Róisín and reach out to her here.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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