#45 – Understanding The Brain

Written by The Natural High

This week I’m so happy to be speaking to my beloved sister and chartered psychologist Naomi de Barra.

Throughout her decade of study and getting qualified in this area we’ve had some fascinating conversations about the functionality and weird quirks of the brain as well as many other facets of psychology. So I thought it about time I shared her brilliance with my loyal audience.

As usual the conversation followed a very organic path. I have a set of questions that I send to every guest before we chat. Much of the time we don’t cover many of them as the area of expertise of the guest is so illuminating.

And true to form, this discussion moves along very naturally as we broach topics such as: are anti-depressants avoidable? Are you neurotypical or neurodiverse and how key is that in your life? Is your brain still growing? How dangerous is Myers-Briggs?

Having finally qualified as a therapist Naomi now has her own thriving practice called Integrate Psychology.

Integrate Psychology is an Organisational Psychology consultancy borne out of a desire to make a difference and transform the way we work; together they are a dedicated and passionate team who love being part of the good fight that enables everyone to soar in the workplace.

You can find out more about Naomi’s work and reach out to her here.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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