#49 – Polyamory and Beyond

Written by The Natural High

This week I speak to Professor Jorge N. Ferrer about his explosive new book Love and Freedom: Transcending Monogamy and Polyamory. Jorge was a professor of psychology for more than 20 years at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, where he also served as chair of the Department of East-West Psychology. He’s the author of several acclaimed books and dozens of articles on psychology, education, and religious studies, and his work on alternative intimate relationships. He has also served as an advisor to Religions for Peace at the United Nations.

I acquired his latest publication a couple of weeks before the interview and decided that I’d highlight the interesting stuff that I wanted to bring up during the conversation. By the time I got to page 10 there were about three unhighlighted sentences. So that didn’t work.

The point is, I quickly realised that this book speaks to an essential but oft swept under the carpet aspect of existence.

Sex and romance is a wonderful, thrilling and invigorating aspect of life. So why do so many of us still shuffle away uncomfortably when these subjects are openly discussed? Why are there often feelings of secrecy, shame and insecurity attached to raw desire? And how did we get to a stage where the institution of monogamy, and all the ills that can come with it, has become the only socially acceptable relationship model? We deep dive into these questions and many more with a professor who has devoted much of his life to the subject of intimate relationship models. You can find out more and reach out to Jorge here.

Professor Jorge Ferrer

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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