#36 – Plant-Based Diets: Essential Supplements and Tools

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak to one of my oldest and dearest friends Adam Law.

We met some time around World Cup 1998 and our friendship is still going strong almost a quarter of a century later.

While the friendship remains, our life paths, ideals and tastes have changed – not least our relatively new-found devotion to the plant-based diet.

Today, Adam is an active campaigner for the vegan lifestyle. He’s not only ethically opposed to the mass cruelty to animals which still goes largely unchecked in the modern world. But he’s seen remarkable health gains since he became a vegan.

Prior to adopting this approach he had serious long-term health issues with his digestive system. Since going plant-based he no longer takes any pharmaceuticals for the condition. He was resigned to enduring prescribed medication for the rest of his life until he discovered that veganism was the perfect remedy.

During this informal ramble we discuss Edward Snowden and the pros and cons of the digital age. We take a foray through pieces of content and culture that have taken our eye since our last chat.

We also dedicate a big chunk of the podcast to our current dietary regimens. What supplements are key to good health in a plant-based diet? What other tools do you need to take the vegan path? And how can we move forward into a less cruel and more harmonious world, where animals are friends not food?

He’s a fascinating and eloquent chap who I’m delighted to have spoken to again at length. By the way, this is an unofficial part two to the original interview I did with him earlier in the year, which goes into great detail about how he overcame debilitating illness through veganism. You can enjoy that one by clicking here.

Incidentally (or not) I mention some supplements in the pod and I promised to list them, so here they are. You’ll get all the context that you need by listening to the pod. Enjoy the show and thanks, as ever, for your support.




EPA and DHA omega-3

Haem iron 

Vitamin B12

Vitamin D3

Vitamin B6



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