#53 – Monica Canducci – The Power of Nature, Feminism and Fairies

Written by The Natural High

This time I speak with healer and teacher Monica Canducci.

Monica is an author, embodied spirituality teacher and transformational life coach.

She supports spiritually oriented women of all ages who are struggling with life transitions and challenges and feel stuck, doubtful, lost, or exhausted.

She helps them reconnect to their true self, so they can find their path to fulfilment and thrive, making a difference in the world by radiantly expressing themselves.

It’s a great conversation with a wise and grounded human. One of her many beliefs that interested me was that the reason a tree can grow so tall is because it has such deep roots in the ground. Likewise, the more grounded she becomes the more she feels she can grow.

You can find out more about Monica and reach out to her by clicking this link. And you can also flick through one of her publications – The Sacred Body, Turn To Heal or The Faerie Code – by clicking those links.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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