#18 – Alan Watts, Parenthood and Mastering Mindfulness

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I speak with osteopath, mindfulness teacher and good friend, Ben Ousey, to riff about the status quo, parenthood, Alan Watts and finding inner happiness in troubled times. 

I met Ben in Canterbury some time around 1993. Probably in a pub which was then called Simple Simon’s (possible The Parrott now). Canterbury is spoilt for choice where it comes to pubs. It has a long history of great drinking houses which dates back to when thousands would pass through each year in medieval times as part of their pilgrimage. These pilgrimages are made notorious by Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote all about them in his celebrated works The Canterbury Tales.

Anyway, we struck up a quick friendship due to our love of beer, Withnail and I and other pop culture icons. His parents worked in London during the week so we would head back to his after closing time for late night shenanigans.

I shared my first flat in London with Ben but eventually lost contact with him until he reached out a few years back after hearing The Natural High podcast.

I was shocked, proud and overjoyed to see the man he had become. He’d always been a fairly happy and chipper soul but we were both utterly rudderless during the first years of our friendship. When we reconnected he had created a family and a fantastic career for himself as a meditation practitioner and Osteopath in UK.

During this wide ranging conversation we discuss his path to enlightenment as well as some of the more pressing matters of the day. Will we learn from this Coronavirus pandemic? Are we doomed due to our human impulses? Those and many other questions are posed to this intelligent, peaceful and beautiful man who seems to have found the harmony in his life that we all surely desire.

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