#8 – Meditation

Written by The Natural High

One of the reasons why I view Ben Ousey as a perfect guest is because he found his calling later in life after spending a long time figuring out exactly what that calling was.

And how he has blossomed since he found his specialty. Ben is a chiropractor and mindfulness practitioner at the Iffley Turn Practice in Oxford UK.

It’s an age old practice which is becoming ever more mainstream but the art of meditation is still divisive. While some see ‘brain training’ as a game changing technique that can calm the mind in an ever more chaotic world, others view it as another new world gimmick.

From my perspective I have found it to be interesting and useful. The changes are not immediate and are almost indiscernible. Meditation is like vitamin C in that your body can’t store it. You need to do it every day to feel the effects.

We deep dive into the techniques and supposed benefits of meditation here but the most pleasing effect for me, of undertaking meditation every day for a few months, was that it helped me not to react emotionally and impulsively.

One day I walked into a cupboard door. It was one of those annoyingly avoidable blows which really hurt. Normally I would have cursed at my misfortune. But my heavily meditated mind got ahead of the curve and reminded me of the futility and negativity of screaming out.

It may seem small and irrelevant but this felt like a breakthrough to me. Until then I’d agonised about what the actual benefits of meditation were. This specific moment helped me to understand how I could be less reactionary in general with meditation. I felt that this new tool could be hugely beneficial in other stressful, challenging or painful moments of life.


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