#47 – The Joy and Beauty of The Moment

Written by The Natural High

This week I’m so happy to be speaking to my dear friend Kathy Ocean.

Kathy’s Linkedin profile probably explains more succinctly than I could, how she views her current life: Exploring, teaching and playing at the intersection of music, consciousness studies and cultural activism.

From my perspective she’s a musician, event producer and someone who practices what she preaches. We met her when we spent a weekend at one of the most amazing AirBnB’s we’ve ever stayed in. If you are lucky enough to book it at some stage then I promise you will not regret it when you’re sipping champagne in the hot tub under thousand-year-old redwood trees in the middle of an enchanting forest.

She lives up in Guerneville on The Russian River in Northern California with her wonderful husband Jim Ocean. In this existential episode we talk about why conventional schooling can be so ineffective, how we become more calm and happy, and why Kathy turned down David Bowie.

You can find out more about their work by clicking here and I do hope that you enjoy the show.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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