#26 – Ireland, music and life

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I have the pleasure of speaking to my father in law John Murphy. Listeners to the show will be used to the heartfelt eulogy about each guest which usually happens right about now but, despite my boundless admiration for the man, I’m going to spare John the gushy intro because it would just make him queasy.

I think that perhaps the most important thing that I took from this fascinating conversation was the idea that we put invisible barriers up to our own success. For example, I often say I wish my parents had been more forceful with me when I started playing the piano at a very young age. Had I continued to learn rather than giving up after a short dalliance, I may have become a brilliant musician. But that’s a load of nonsense. The reason I say that is to justify why I don’t play piano today. But, as John demostrates so well here, there is nothing at all to stop me from starting my piano journey again today. It’s up to me if I want to be a brilliant pianist. It’s never too late. You just have to have the right mentality.

Suffice to say John never picked up an instrument until he was well into his fifties but has just finished a brilliant multi-faceted album which he wrote, composed and performed on. We’re going to talk about his musical journey, his beloved Ireland and so much more on the show. As usual you can follow us on Spotify, Apple and wherever else you listen to your pods to get alerted to every new Natural High podcast.

Find John’s album here

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