#34 – The Healing Arts

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak to a teacher of the healing arts, Inez, about her life and vocation.

Not only do we talk though some fascinating subjects such as how she got onto her current path in life, the status quo, communicating with the dead, premonitions, Zen meditation, ayahuasca and indigenous peoples of America.

But the overall vibe and positive energy that this particular human emanates is quite extraordinary. Rarely have I become so relaxed and at peace so quickly and completely in the company of a stranger. I’m naturally frenetic and have loads of nervous energy. But Inez stripped that all away during our chat and I ended the conversation with a feeling of pure relaxation, harmony and positivity.

She probably didn’t specifically set out to relax me but her natural aura, her mode of communication and the substance of her tales and beliefs just filled me with hope and a sense of wellbeing. It was a genuinely fascinating experience and one which makes me want to spend more time with this great human.

In short, few words that I can offer will do justice to this podcast. You’ll just have to listen to it yourself. You can reach out to Inez at https://inezhealingarts.weebly.com and find out all about the other transformative services that she offers. I for one will be using her services in the not too distant future having found out something of how she works during this wonderful interview.

Feel free to reach out to Inez by clicking this link. But first, find out a little more here. Enjoy the show!

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