#38 – From Elections to Earthquakes: Corporate Undertaker Pt. 2

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak again with the Corporate Undertaker Domenic Aversa.

We had a fascinating conversation a few months back which you can listen to here. But, while we got through loads last time, I felt there was still so much unfinished business with the Corporate Undertaker.

In this instalment we talk in depth about the U.S. election and the ramifications, for America and the world, of Joe Biden’s victory. We discuss how technology has affected industry and how we might have more of a symbiotic relationship with it moving forward.

We also touch upon relationships and how childhood traumas can affect our whole lives, until those traumas are unlocked. Furthermore, we delve into religion in the modern world, whether it can still be deemed as a force for good and what happens when we die.

And we recount Dom’s incredible experience during his time as a volunteer in the aftermath of the horrific earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

I first came across Domenic and interviewed him because of his fascinating book, Corporate Undertaker, which you can find out more about here. It’s a compelling read and, at times, scarcely fathomable. I’m certain it will have you hooked so it comes highly recommended by The Natural High.

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