#48 – Glastonbury Memories

Written by The Natural High

This week I speak to eco-warrior and musician Tom Luff.

I’ve been good friends with Tom for well over a decade and once shared a stage with him at the peerless Glastonbury music festival. Aside from music he’s had a fascinating career in sustainable energy. His gainful employment has thrust him all over the world and he’s just returned from a three year stint in Japan.

So we get under the skin of both. We reminisce, through misty eyes, about Glastonbury and also deep dive into what it’s like to live as a westerner in Japan. We discuss the status quo in climate change and also use this episode as a shameless opportunity to twiddle our own plums by playing some of our old tunes.

I do hope that you enjoy the show.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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