#5 – Fasting

Written by The Natural High

I have always found that the subject of fasting is a difficult one to decipher. Is it good for you or is it even potentially dangerous for the body?

The fact that I’m asking these questions lends further weight to the idea that we simply don’t have categoric answers right now. There isn’t enough research over a long enough sample period to say for sure that fasting can improve your health.

But, for my money, ever increasing weight is being put behind the notion that fasting can be one of the greatest game changers in your health. What’s more it doesn’t involve the use of pharmaceuticals or even natural herbs and elixirs.

The basic idea is that when you fast your body eventually starts using the fat reserves in your body for energy rather than the sugar in your system. So by fasting your body eventually starts consuming that unwanted blubber. It’s called Ketosis.

But that’s not all. This process also kills off old cells while you aren’t eating. These old cells are generally seen as bad for you and can often be the most carcinogenic (cancer carrying) cells.

If you get your fasting period right you can kill off a whole load of carcinogenic cells and, when you end the fast and start consuming food again, new, healthy cells are generated in their place.

Obviously fasting is not for everyone. If you already have an eating disorder or digestive issue this can be a risky path. Always consult with a medical professional before trying any such programme.

All I can say is that from a personal viewpoint, I enjoyed this three day fast. I lost about 10 lbs in body fat and felt light and cleansed after the event. The three days of water only wasn’t too bad either.

Have a listen to my podcast which deep dives into the process, history of fasting and supposed health benefits and risks. Then you can make up your own mind about the potential of this age old technique.


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