#15 – A Music Paradise

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club, I talk to Ilana Lipsett about her inimitable music wonderland, Euclid Manor.

Meeting Ilana was the most wonderful piece of serendipity. I was at home in Oakland with my wife on a Friday evening in 2019. My attention was drawn to some interesting music coming from somewhere outside.

Normally I wouldn’t have paid any attention to this. After all, Oakland is a buzzing and vibrant place, especially on a weekend evening. There are all manner of ambient sounds floating through the ether.

But this music was a bit special. For one it sounded really lovely. And, having been in the music industry myself for many years, I could tell that this was live music.

The intrepid journalist in me wanted to explore further. Emboldened by a couple of light ales, I sauntered out of the house in search of this sumptuous sound. Just a hundred yards away, on the adjacent street (Euclid) I found a house with charming people spilling out of it from all angles.

I was quickly welcomed into the bosom of the party and spent the next three hours in music wonderland as an array of celebrated live acts nourished my ears in an uber-friendy environment.

During this podcast you’ll hear exactly what I heard that night (I recorded it) as we take a virtual walk around the inimitable Euclid Manor with charming incumbent Ilana Lipsett.

I’m pretty sure this week that you will indeed enjoy the show.

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