#2 – Energy Special

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club, an energy special, I speak to my old and dear friend Tom Luff who works for the British government to find new ways to power the world in a more sustainable fashion. We discuss the question of whether we are completely buggered moving forward or if we have the necessary plans and measures in place for a relatively seamless transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable power sources over the coming decades and beyond.

As someone who has worked in many levels of government in the energy space Tom is well-qualified to give us an objective overview on where we are at with sustainable fuel.

How much fossil fuels are left? How much focus is on transitioning to clean energy? Which clean energies are the most effective and which are being pursued and developed most vigorously? As someone who is eternally fascinated with this conversation it was great to put so many of my questions to a trusted source.

Tom is currently working for the ministry of defence in Tokyo but when we did the interview he was still living in London where I met him many years ago.

Whatever your thoughts on clean energy I feel that Tom will help to inform you about the present and the future. Are we doomed as a civilisation or are the most damning projections overly alarmist? It’s a wide-ranging conversation and a must listen for the greener members of my audience. So sit back and enjoy the show.

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