#7 – Elon Musk

Written by The Natural High

Something that I find very strange is how divisive a figure Elon Musk has become. Just to put my cards on the table I think he’s one of great heroes of humankind. And history will most definitely confirm that in time.

But because he makes the odd outrageous remark, or isn’t the most socially adept person we’ve ever seen in the public eye, we castigate him and view him through suspicious eyes.

It’s a weird symptom of modern celebrity mania. Just because our hero is great at soccer we expect him to also be a loyal husband or a great speaker. And when that soccer maestro makes a misstep in a completely unrelated area of their life, our overall perception of them can change dramatically. I feel that this fate has befallen Elon Musk.

Because, in a world which is so obviously and quickly being destroyed by greed, Elon could not give a monkey’s about cash. If he was a slave to money he surely wouldn’t have invested his PayPal billions in an electric car and sustainable fuel business model. It simply wasn’t a money maker in 2005. In his own words, from a financial perspective, getting involved with electric cars was ‘idiocy squared.’

My feeling is that he’s the one shining light amidst the predictably power hungry top echelon of businessmen on the planet. There is no agenda except his mission to proliferate humankind beyond the next hundred years. He sees how blindly and blithely we treat the planet. He’s made his projections as to how long we can sustain ourselves with this model of existence. And he doesn’t like what he sees. So he’s doing something about it. What’s not to like?

After defeating many of the haters Tesla is now the biggest car company in the world and Elon’s not only making thousands of the beauties a week but he’s forced the entire car industry – the fossil apostles – to follow suit. Next it’s solar power and Mars – and all the useful technological bi-products that will accompany these missions.

Quite why so many people are so suspicious of Elon Musk absolutely boggles me. So here it is. My homage to the latter day Leonardo Da Vinci.

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