#3 – What Is The Perfect Diet For Dogs?

Written by The Natural High

Even in the very early days of the podcast I had already decided that I would dedicate many hours of research and recording to the subject of dogs. Because from the moment that they really walked into my world, they completely changed my life.

Until my Yorkshire Terrier, Rifraf, came along in 2013 I had endured a life in fear of anything canine. Even a chihuahua could gleefully pin me up against a wall in terror as it smelled my fear and consequently bossed my ass.

But my wife always wanted a dog and, against my better judgement, I relented and brought our little champion home. Don’t get me wrong. He caused absolute havoc from day one and does so to this day. But he’s a bona fide member of the family. One of the very best family members that you could possibly hope for. Because he keeps me fit, amused, loved and happy.

I’m so grateful that he came into my life as he had added a dimension that I never knew existed. That beautiful bond between dad and dog which I benefit from every single day.

In this episode I speak to Catherina Boukema, a dog nutritionist who lives in Amsterdam. She is about to become a university qualified canine nutritionist and currently advises over 60 dog owners on a not-for-profit basis about keeping their little friends as healthy as possible.

The views expressed in this podcast aren’t necessarily shared by The Natural High so take from it what you like. 


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