#39 – At War With Yourself: Managing Internal Dialogue

Written by The Natural High

Destructive internal dialogue. Negative self-talk. Inner demons. Call them what you will, most of us have to deal with them in our lives. Many of us aren’t even aware of how powerful, persistent and impactful these conversations with ourselves can be.

This week I speak to one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in San Francisco. Anyone who’s interested in yoga in Northern California will likely know the name Darren Main. In 30 years of yoga practice and teaching he’s become a saviour to many.

I first spoke with him three years ago after I attended his transformative yoga class in the amazing Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. You can listen to that interview here. This time we talk about mastering our inner demons, parenthood, Game of Thrones, the ego, the problem with Donald Trump and so much more.

I feel so fortunate to have got him on the pod again and equally happy that you will be able to drink from his ostensibly bottomless cup of wisdom and contentment. This is a must listen.

You can find out more about Darren by clicking here. In the hours since we recorded this show I’ve listened to Darren’s audiobook Inner Tranquility which deep dives into the practice of meditation. It’s an amazing audiobook which demonstrates perfectly the clarity and simplicity with which he presents complex ideas. I highly recommend picking up one of his publications.

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