#31 – The Corporate Undertaker

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak to The Corporate Undertaker.

This week I’ve got a real treat for you. I’m speaking to the author of Corporate Undertaker which is a truly rollercoaster account of Domenic Aversa’s life as an entrepreneur and crisis manager. It feels almost unfathomable that he’s crammed so much into his time on earth. But he went from sleeping in a barn to owning a bank and a soccer team in the space of just a few years. He’s sung to the animals in Outer Mongolia, had a guy turn up in his office with a bag full of explosives, been run out of Moscow by the Russian mafia and lost his eyesight almost completely before making a full recovery.

It’s astonishing that he’s still around to tell the tale. But we are the beneficiaries of his enduring health because he’s here to tell us all about his journey and the life lessons that he’s learned as a consequence. 

Just to whet your appetite for the podcast a little further before we delve in, included below is the synopsis of his book which made me feel so compelled to interview him. My instincts were good because he has proved to be a sensational subject for this week’s show. You can find his book on Amazon and please subscribe to The Natural High podcast from Spotify, iTunes or from wherever else you’re listening to the show.

So here’s the synopsis and I hope that, as ever, you enjoy this brilliant convo with an exceedingly colourful chap. 

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