#32 – West Coast Wildfires to Eastern Spiritualism via The Summer of Love

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak to entrepreneur, eco-warrior, author and community organiser Mark Westwind.

Mark is a true philanthropist who has dedicated large chunks of his adult life to serving others for the greater good. In troubling times Mark continues to invest in the idea of community. 

His biog is truly littered with achievements meaning that he has some great stories and insights for us about the status quo. 

  • B.A. in Environmental Studies – University of California, Berkeley
  • Master of Public Administration – Cal. State University, Hayward

He was the founding Director of the Contra Costa Software Business
Incubator (1997) and the founding Associate Director of John F. Kennedy University’s Center for Entrepreneurship (1999).

Internationally, Mark served for four years as the U.S. Associate for Canton Venture Capital Company – a $100 million Chinese venture capital firm. 

Mark Westwind

Mark has over fifteen years of experience designing, developing, deploying and supporting data management systems for numerous Bay Area and national businesses and non-profit organizations. He has been working with the Salesforce platform since 2007. 

And they’re just the day jobs. He’s written and co-written several books and he’s also undertaken and overseen a list of community and voluntary projects as long as my arm. He doesn’t just get involved in good causes. He has also regularly pioneered community initiatives to protect the environment and its people. 

Since 1970, Mark has founded or co-founded over a dozen community projects and organizations including: 

  • Diablo Valley Recycling Center – a network of neighborhood collection centers (1970)
  • California Council for Community Gardening
  • American Community Gardening Association (co-convener)
  • Eco-House – an environmental education center
  • Mt. Diablo Beekeepers Association
  • Project Glean – an urban backyard harvesting program
  • Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill Farmers Markets
  • James Howe Homestead Park, a special use heritage park in Walnut Creek
  • UC MicroNet – association of computer system managers at UC Berkeley
  • Diablo Video Arts – an association of videographers
  • The Innovation Project – an entrepreneurial training program for high school students
  • Contra Costa Food System Alliance (co-convener)
  • Sustainable Enterprise Conference (2016)

I feel so fortunate to have him on the show because he’s such a positive force for good and we all have something to learn from him.

So brew your favourite cuppa, sit back and enjoy a ramble through the brilliant mind of Mark Westwind. Enjoy the show! 

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