#20 – Burning Man

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I speak with performer, theatre director, scholar and Burning Man participant, Professor Rachel Bowditch, who is the director of graduate studies in the School of Film, Dance, and Theatre in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. We discuss life, the greatest show on earth and her long-term love of the Black Rock City phenomenon.

As a lover of festivals it’s been a long-term goal of mine to get out to Burning Man – that most mystical and enigmatic of festivals which takes place in the middle of the desert each September.

I finally achieved this goal in 2018 when I went there for my honeymoon. What followed was a deluge for the senses. While I felt tired, sick, dehydrated and uncomfortable at times, the high points of the event made it all worthwhile.

One of the things which pleased me most was the quality of people there. The spirit of generosity was infectious and it seemed as is everyone who was there had been secretly vetted to ensure that they were made of the right fabric to add value to Burning Man.

There wasn’t the slightest hint of nastiness or over indulgence which can easily be found at so many other festivals. This was much more of a spiritual journey than a live music event and I really would recommend it to anyone.

I feel that I made lifelong friends at the weird and wonderful Burning Man, not least Rachel who is such a positive spirit and who exudes light and altruism. She has been bitten by that invisible bug and been to the event on many occasions. She has even written a book about her experiences. So she’s particularly well-placed to shed light on the movement for those wh haven’t been and help regular goers to reminisce about what could easily be described as the greatest show on earth.

If you haven’t been to Burning Man this will be a handy guide to what to expect. In short, if you can, take an RV! That’s my tip.
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