#4 – The Perfect Breakfast?

Written by The Natural High

Even with all the wonders of modern technology it still baffles me that the man in the street knows so little about what foods and in what quantities provide a healthy and balanced diet.

There’s so much conflicting information out there. Fruit is great for you but also positively humming with sugar. Coconut is incredibly nutritious but replete with saturated fat. Seeds provide inordinate amounts of energy but can be catalysts for digestive flare ups.

It’s a total minefield. So as usual I experiment loads and end up doing what feels right. The only theory about a balanced and healthy diet which I’ve believed throughout my life is that you should aim for as many colours as possible in every meal. Eating fruit and vegetables from a broad color range should see you clear.

But, as much as nutrition, I want energy from food. As I get older I increasingly accept that my indefatigable days are behind me. I need to eat the right stuff if I’m going to bounce through the day. So over time I developed a breakfast shake which works a treat for me. It gives me all the nutrition and energy I need to kickstart my day.

After consuming it I feel satisfied but not at all bloated or sluggish. I’m ready to embrace the day and won’t get hunger pangs for hours. Indeed, I regularly forget about lunch altogether and don’t feel the need to eat again until dinner. Check out this home made shake and let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

Welcome to my breakfast revelation!


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