#33 – 12 Books to Change Your Perspective

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High I speak to bookworm and dear friend Alistair Hammond about books that changed his perspective on the world.

There are some absolute belters in there which we speak about in detail. I also procure Ali’s take on the status quo and the human condition. 

I met Alistair in Jakarta in 1995 and so began a friendship which, after a quarter of a century, is coming into full bloom. From driving through Bali in a jeep to drunken nights in my student halls in North London we’ve shared many great experiences.

It’s one of those friendships where we can go for years without seeing each other in the flesh but when we do reunite it’s always easy and fun. Alistair lived abroad for many years before returning to London about six years ago. Sadly I left UK just a few months later, to move to Spain.

But we always stay in touch and when he came to USA in the summer of 2019 we had a quite wonderful weekend away together in the wine county of Napa and Sonoma in Northern California. In all, it’s a friendship which has the perfect amount of intensity. We know we can count on each other but I’m not constantly up in his grill!

Anyway, here are his books of choice that we discuss in detail in this delightful convo. Enjoy!

  1. Claude Brown – Manchild in the Promised Land
  2. Sam Selvon – Brighter Sun
  3. John Dos Passos – Manhattan Transfer
  4. Mathew Kneale – When we were Romans
  5. Jon Swain – River of Time
  6. Elisabeth Pisani – Indonesia Etc   
  7. Ramita Navai – City of Lies
  8. Peter Pomeranstev – Nothing is True, and Everything is Possible  
  9. Mark Miodownik – Stuff Matters 
  10. Alex Bellos – Alex’s Advenutres in Numberland  
  11. Rutger Bregman – Humankind 
  12. Armistead Maupin – Tales of the City

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