#44 – Acclaimed Preachers and Perfect Pizzas

Written by The Natural High

This week I’m delighted to be in the elevated company of Benjamin Earl.

Ben is a Dominican Friar, Canon Lawyer and acclaimed preacher.

I feel extremely fortunate to have had the chance to talk to him at length and it may not have been possible if I hadn’t attended the same school as Ben over 25 years ago.

I was doing some general research on Natural High guests a couple of weeks back when I rather serendipitously happened upon a video of Ben talking about his current role within the church.

So I reached out to him and got a very pleasant response. I was at once delighted and apprehensive when he agreed to do the interview. Delighted because he’s clearly a deep well of knowledge from whom I have so much to learn. And apprehensive because he was intimidatingly intelligent at school so imagine how wise he might have become after a quarter of a century of further learning and academia?

I wanted the conversation to be of some value to him rather than just a tired list of questions that he has probably answered and batted away for decades. I do hope he enjoyed the chat. What I can say is that he gave up his time very generously and came across as a decent, loveable and humble human.

During this conversation we talk about the meaning of life, death and how we might evolve together into a more kind and compassionate future. You can find out more about Ben here.

Click a link below to hear the interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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