#10 – Ayahuasca

Written by The Natural High

In this episode I speak to Omar Ramirez about the benefits of the highly controversial ayahuasca.

I’m long enough in the tooth to have experienced many of the most common elixirs known to man, legal and otherwise. I’ve been at a stage for a long time where the attraction of drugs is minimal. Even alcohol generates very mixed emotions these days. Is the fun bit really worth the hangover?

But the one intoxicant which still fascinates me, and which I have never experienced, is ayahuasca. As Omar states more than once in this episode, ayahuasca is regarded very much more as a medicine than a drug by those who use it as part of their tradition.

It’s not addictive. It’s by no means a social lubricant. It may quite possibly be the scariest experience of your life. Yet the transformative benefits that are so commonly spoken about by those who have experienced it, make me truly curious. Some have told me that, simply put, ayahuasca dissolves your ego. So it would be remiss of me not to find out more for my loyal listeners.

It’s something I am tempted and terrified by. I thought I’d find out as much about it as possible in order to make an informed decision about whether to take it. That’s why I found this conversation with a practising ayahuasca shaman so fascinating. And whatever your feelings about ayahuasca, perhaps you’ll find that much of what we talk about reasonates with you.

My promise to you is that if I ever do take ayahuasca, I’ll hit the record button first! Enjoy the show.


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