#40 – The Man Who Woke Up

Written by The Natural High

When I was at university in London many moons ago I took a module which I can’t remember the precise name of.

I was studying film as a major but there were loads of other interesting classes which alluded to the subject much more broadly. This particular class concerned itself with questions of philosophy, psychology and semantics.

Of all the areas of study in this three year piss up this was the most impactful. It asked the big questions. And what struck me most firmly about the big questions is that we spend most of our lives consciously or unconsciously avoiding them.

For many to most of us, practical questions such as what are we having for dinner, when can we pay this bill or what’s on TV tonight, are far more prevalent in our daily lives than questions such as why are we here, what’s the meaning of life and how should we BE?

It’s actually quite astonishing that existential questions are so infrequently asked in modern life. We’re more likely to wonder what Nicole Kidman’s latest character is about to do than to gaze at the stars and wonder at the universe.

Perhaps these questions are simply too big, too mind-boggling and too unanswerable for us to ask them every day. But they are, nonetheless, fascinating points of discussion.

In this unconventional pod, I speak to artrepreneur Victor Rakovich about consciousness, the psyche, the ego and his recent awakening. You can reach out to him at [email protected] to continue the discussion. Or just click an icon below to go straight to the show. Thanks, as ever, for your support.  

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