#21 – Art & Addiction

Written by The Natural High

In this episode of The Natural High Club I speak with one of the very best people I’ve hitherto met in America. Ron Francis is an artist and a gentleman with a fascinatingly chequered history and a beautiful zest for life. We discuss zeitgeist, art, addiction, Mother Nature and more.

Ron has been one of the most engaging and honest people that I have met since I came to America. And that honesty is at the heart of this conversation.

It seems to me that when people get to a level that they are prepared to be honest 100% of the time, whatever the consequences, they’ve reached a pretty amazing place.

People who are 100% honest seem to me to lack ego. They don’t exaggerate their achievements and cover up their humiliations in order to be perceived in a more positive way. Instead they seem liberated by that acceptance that they are fallible human beings with strengths and weaknesses. Virtues and foibles.

The reason I love Ron so much is because he has quite clearly reached this level. He’s a very talented man with so many good qualities. He’s also had weaknesses and vices like everyone else. But by accepting and facing these issues he’s come out the other end with great self-awareness and humility.

He’s comfortable in his skin and he adds value to the world as a consequence.

My goal with The Natural High was never to instruct or teach people. The motivation for me was to learn from my subjects. And there is so much to learn from Ron Francis. It was a true pleasure speaking to him and I just hope that you find the conversation as rewarding as I have.

Enjoy the show!
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