#6 – Meeting Di Caprio, Stripping for Beckham

Written by The Natural High

In this sensational and sometimes scandalous episode of The Natural High I speak at length with world-famous stylist, New York dweller and deep-thinker Allan Kennedy. We cover myriad subjects including stripping for David Beckham, hanging out with Leonardo Di Caprio and getting offered outside by Bradley Cooper. We also delve into the status quo, the future of mankind and I get some great cultural tips. It’s an absolute must-listen.

I met Alan on a fashion shoot in London around 2013. He was the chief stylist for a big commercial job for T-Mobile. I’d been jammy enough to land a plum role in the ad which required me to demonstrate zero skill or talent but which paid exorbitantly. It was the sort of dream job that happens once in your eventful but largely humiliating quasi acting/modelling career. You scramble around for years doing the 200 quid all nighters in Surrey recreating a medieval scene for a Channel 4 documentary, to the the badly paid stock photography jobs where you sign a form saying ‘you can use this photo of me for anything. However horrific. For 212 squid’

I was a chancer. A fish out of water and I’d flipped the nuts on this job. It was high end. High production. High budget. And while Alan looked much more comfortable than me in these surroundings, it only took five minutes of speaking to him to realise that he was much more of an artist than a commercial man. He was a great storyteller, a football lover and a mischievous spirit who immediately set me at ease in this bubble of flashing cameras and eight-foot people.

I think you’ll agree he’s a top chap with brilliant tales to tell about his time in the world of high fashion. Enjoy the show.


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