#42 – Adam Smith: From Death’s Door to TEDx and Ending World Hunger

Written by The Natural High

This week I’m delighted to have philanthropist and entrepreneur Adam Smith on the show.

A couple of weeks ago my amazing wife, who flirts with social media so that I don’t have to, pointed me in the direction of a LinkedIn post which read:

As Adam told me at the start of this chat, which has sadly been lost in the digital ether, this post got millions of views and has generated huge publicity in general with luminaries such as Danny Boyle approaching him about his story. And it really is a quite amazing story.

One truly awful childhood experience in particular left him with undiagnosed trauma for many years and sent him on an extremely destructive spiral in his early life which he talks about in detail.

But the more he came to terms with his past the more he has thrived in his present and his recent achievements, including a 2015 TEDx talk and numerous projects to tackle food poverty, speak for themselves.

Please feel free to reach out to Adam about his organisation, The Real Junk Food Project, if you want to get involved in this amazing cause.

Click a link below to hear this fascinating interview and thanks, as ever, for your valuable support.

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